Family Support


When you have a child who has cancer, you can feel so many different emotions - shock, fear, anger, hurt, helplessness, confusion and even betrayal. It may feel as though nothing makes sense anymore, life has changed possibly beyond recognition and the most important part of it - your precious child has a life threatening illness.

No one is going through what you are going through. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are individual to you, however, it is important to know that the depth and difference of the feelings that you are experiencing are normal. We believe that family support is about respecting who you are and the needs that your family has.

What we provide is the space and time for you to talk. We will listen and hold confidentiality on that which you feel able to say. This process is one in which you are in control, at a time when it can feel as though you have almost no control over the illness, this time and space can be a safe place for you to be.

It is not our place to tell you what to do, nor do we have the answers or the much sought after 'magic wand', but we do have experienced staff who value the opportunity to offer support. It can be difficult to talk to a family member, there may be things you need to say that leave you feeling guilty or sad. The service we offer gives you acceptance, empathy and honesty.

We can provide support by being the voice at the other end of the telephone, responding to an email or, if you live in South Wales, through a face-to-face meeting. We will support you as a family or as individuals.