Gifts in Wills

Make A Difference

We would like to kindly thank everyone who remembers our organisation in their will, your legacy helps fund much needed therapy for children affected by cancer and family breaks that support the wellbeing of family units. That’s why your bequest is so important as it helps restore a sense of childhood, creates belief in the possible and aids the rebalance of lives along a gruelling cancer journey. After thinking of your loved ones, our organisation being remembered in your will is an honour that we commend.

Not sure how to make a gift in your Will? We’ve put together a handful of helpful tips:

• If you already have a Will you can make an amendment (Codicil) bequeathing a gift to Kids Cancer Charity.
• You can leave a residuary gift – a share of your entire estate after taxes and bills have been paid.
• Donate as little as 1% of your estate to Kids Cancer Charity – every gift leaves a lasting impact.
• Leave a pecuniary gift – a fixed amount of money.
• Leave a specific gift such as property, paintings, antiques, stocks or shares.



A form of therapy that’s helps put smiles back on small faces


Therapeutic support through our specialist Play Therapists


Your acts of kindness will help children and their families through difficult times